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Cooling pad production Machine (Cooling pad production line)

Reasonable structure , stable running ,high efficiency.

The drying light boxes of resin machine are made of high quality stainless steel, to ensure never rust under high temperature condition.

The drying light boxes adopt 8 digital control, easy operation, uniform temperature, higher heating efficiency,  lower electricity consumption , to improve the quality of cooling pad .

The corrugated machine adopt wear resistant bushing which is made of special materials, withstand high temperatures, longer service life.

Adopt inner circulation heating oven, multi-direction heating, quick temperature rising ,high efficiency ,lower drying cost .

Widen glue machine, improve working efficiency, reduce working intensity.

SANHE Cooling Pad Production Machine Power:

Resin Machine

Cutting Paper Machine

Corrugated Paper Forming Machine

Glue Machine


Cutting Semi-products Machine

 50 KW

0.75 KW

12 KW

2.25 KW

60 KW

3 KW

Note: Power 3 phase 4 lines 380V 50Hz

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